With 7 children people are always asking me what toys I recommend. Wooden block are probably #1 on my list. We have a large antique crate in our kitchen/family room that is full of wood blocks. #2 is a train set and figures from playmobile 123. We got one when my now 15 year old was 1. Every year I add to the collection. They are so well made and fun for little ones to play with.

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Tickled Pink And Green said...

Not having had a "baby" in the house for years (BigGirl is 13...BabyGirl is 2 1/2)...I had forgotten the joys children have with Playdoh. Got her some for Christmas (pink & green +) and one of those kits that make fun shapes and "playghetti"....she's loving it. And I still love to take a whiff of it and be transported to my own childhood. :)