purely addictive

Like many I am in love with Pure Barre,a workout the fuses elements of ballet, pilates and weights. No matter how tired I am when I walk into one of the classes I always leave feeling great and with energy to spare.  I love how it works every muscle in my body.  I love that I don't feel like anyone is watching the fact that i still can't get my knee off the rug.  I love that some of the girls bounce in in there expensive work out gear and I drag myself in in my navy target pants and old navy t shirt.  I love that some are younger than me and some are older.

warning:  It is hard to move the day after your first class.  It is addictive.  It is expensive (after you do the $100 for one month unlimited).


style chronicle said...

I want to go with you!!!

pink cupcake vintage said...

My 30 is up on Thursday...I have now created a Pure Barre fund. :)