happy new year

I am so thankful for each of you who take the time to read this blog. I am hoping that you have a wonderful new year. To be honest I am sitting here a little sad that the Holidays are almost over.


Rene said...

Oh me too! I don't want it to end. So glad that I found you this year! Happy new year!


La Dolfina said...

I know!!!

Pinecone said...


I have enjoyed getting to know you a little through blogging.

Thanks for reading my blog as well.

I am sad to see the holidays go...it is always a little letdown...especially when the kiddos head back to school.

Happy 2011!

birdie blue said...

happiest of new year wishes to you and your beautiful family.


paige said...

me too

happy new year xo

mary katharine said...

Ah yes. With each year that the girls get older, the ending of the Holidays and the end of the year become all the more bittersweet. With Richard's upcoming deployment and a change of duty station following, this could possibly be our last Christmas in here in our first home. It really felt like home this year. I even saw a tear in his eye during a solo at Church the week prior to Christmas. Yes, this year it is a little tough to close the book. But God is good and as my brother stated, the days start getting longer after Christmas ... what a reminder of the light that Jesus is to the world! So "hello" 2011! Happy New Year Kayce!! I look forward to going forth with you:).

sarah, flourish design + style said...

They come and go so quickly :( Happy New Year Kayce, I have SO enjoyed getting to know you :) xo

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Happy New year to you too! My motto for this year is "Thank Heaven for 2011" - Wishing you a Happy New Year, hoping to "visit" more often in 2011!

My Interior Life said...

Me too! Happy New Year to you too, Kayce! I need to get my blogging hat back on. I've let it go over the holidays. I feel a New Year's resolution coming on - blog more often!

Thanks for sharing all your inspirations this year!