steiff bunnies

These vintage Steiff bunnies remind me of being a little girl. As the oldest of 6 my toys got passed down and then given away (if they were still around). I still remember my favorites and many of them were Steiff.

Wouldn't any of these be perfect in an Easter basket?
I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend!


La Maison Boheme said...

These take me back. XO

Tessa said...

happy easter, kayce!! i love steiff animals and still have a few of my own that now take up residence in my children's rooms. i blogged about charlie's bedroom recently and mentioned how he sleeps with two of my steiffs in his bed. as a little girl I used to remove their ear tags because i thought they must be painful for the animals!! i hope you had a wonderful easter with your beautiful family! i adored the video on your web page and the chance to sneek a little peek into your life. do your nails always look so perfect?! haha! xo, tessa