I am a researcher.  I love love love to dream and research and dream some more and go on Pinterest etc.  But our new store will be opening in 4 weeks so I need to make some decisions.  I need 4 pendant lights for the dressing rooms.  

I like this one from West Elm it is $149.  The size is very nice and I loved the round shape but the color wasn't right for me.
This one is from Terrain and is $218 for the larger size that I would want.  I haven't seen it in real life but it looks beautiful on line.
This one fromWorld Market is $69.99 and is 30% off today making it $49.  So I got 4 of them and might paint the insides pink and the outside gold.
If you have any better ideas...please let me know before I break out the paints.  Now I am off to figure out carpeting.


pve design said...

I think you should make these....http://www.curbly.com/users/capreek/posts/11136-make-it-a-colorful-diy-ruffle-pendant-light-for-cheap

My Interior Life said...

That's so funny, as I saw your first photo and before I scrolled down and read the rest I was thinking, "I wonder if she's checked out World Market?" Of course, you had! I love your idea for paint and for the price you can't beat them. Can't wait to see your store upon completion!

Fun running into you at the Flea Friday!