vintage knobs

The Atlanta store is open but I still have a lot of details to finish. I decided to use vintage knobs as hooks for the dressing rooms and had fun perusing Etsy for fabulous knobs.  These are some that I loved but didn't end up getting....
1. beautiful colors on plywood
2. shinny red
3. vintage bunnies

If anyone has any tips on turning knobs into hook....please share.


My Interior Life said...

I love vintage anything and these knobs are no exception. I'm trying to find some economical vintage brass doorknobs now for the interior doors in my house. Those suckers can be pricey! Hoping I can find some at the Flea tomorrow.

Hannah said...

I love those plywood knobs. So gorgeous!

Loretta Fontaine (APPLESandRUBIES) said...

Kayce- Do you think the knobs would need to protrude more from the wall to become good "hooks"? Could you buy longer threaded metal bolts and custom cut bamboo to make a hollow sleeve? (then the bamboo could be finished or painted!)


@katlady said...

Hi, Kayce! I just discovered your website and absolutely adore your style. Where have you opened a store in Atlanta? I am from Tennessee but live here now and would love to come see your shop.

Heidi said...

Hi, I believe there is a special screw with the screw bit at each end, so you can both screw it into the wall and also into the knob/hook. Hope this helps

Heidi said...

Hi, there is, I believe a double headed screw so that you can screw into the wall, and also into the hook/knob.

bluehydrangea said...

Just saw your article in Matchbook and LOVED it!!! You look fabulous as do your children, home and store. I don't know how you do it all and with such style to boot!!