Atlanta upholstery

Our new store is open and the vintage love seats are feeing a little shabby next to so much new.  So I am looking for an upholsterer.  If you have any ideas will you let me know so that my vintage pair can be wearing the same fabulous blue fabric as above?


My Interior Life said...

Hey Kayce! Are those the Habitat loveseats or different ones? Wasn't sure if you moved them to Atlanta or if they still live in Nashville. I have an upholsterer that I've been very happy with (he's actually got my pair of Brno chairs right now). Email me and I'll send you his contact info!

Katie Aseltyne said...


Anonymous said...

I loved your Atlanta store - we just visited it this past weekend! I ended up with two gorgeous button down dresses as perfect souvenirs to take back to DC!


Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

Absolutely gorgeous.... I'd love one of those for my home.

Fabrik ETC said...

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