For me, things seem to slow down a little in the summer.  So I am having a lot of fun sprucing things up around the house.  I moved my 3 girls into my boy's room and vise versa.  I moved all of my son's beautiful black and white photo's to their new room.  Everything looked great except for one large empty wall.  (I hate empty walls)  So I thought that it would be fun to create a large piece for the empty wall.  I got a canvas that is 4' x 5'.  My 10 year old son Owen and I had fun decoupaging torn out pages from a book onto the canvas.  Then we covered the canvas with shellac.  The next day I threw on some high gloss navy paint.  Owen and I had a blast and we don't have to look at an empty wall.


style chronicle said...

That fabulous, Kayce. But why would I expect anything less?

Tickled Pink And Green said...

At first glance it sorta (sorta) reminded me of a very skinny map of Nantucket!