clothing swap

Here I am running out the door wearing my new jeans and shirt and carrying my new bag.  Total cost of my new out fit..... free.  My friend Gen and I are the same size and love the same things.  She came up with the great idea to have a clothing swap.  We set a date and both cleaned out our closets for a couple weeks.  I loaded up my car and headed to her house.  Over fresh lemonade we caught up while picking out what we wanted from one another.  My closet was cleaned out, I had an armload of fun new clothes, I got to spend an hour with a friend drinking lemonade and no money left my wallet.  

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Tickled Pink And Green said...

You are TRES chic. :)

I LOVE that flag. Pottery Barn?

We're going to Palm Beach next month so I may ask you for some suggestions. :)