strawberry shortcake

We have had the most glorious days ever.  Not too hot but wonderfully sunny.  My children are having so much fun outside after school that I feel guilty having them come in for dinner.
Yesterday I found some small strawberries at the market and we made my favorite Strawberry Shortcake.  I thought it was perfection until I saw these ceramic berry baskets from Jayson Home & Garden.  I found them via Oh Joy.

The next time I make strawberry Shortcake I want to get my berries out of one of these.


red ticking said...

this is adorable... and i cannot wait for strwaberry shortcake! yummie xx

Prudence said...

THose are super duper cute! I'm off to go shop your store, did you ever figure out my size?

Elise said...

oooh so pretty! do you have a favorite strawberry shortcake recipe you could share? :)