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Where can you find 6 bloggers on a Saturday morning.  Gen's tag sale!  It was such a treat to walk in and meet blogger friend Ann from Hill Country House all the way from Texas!  Local friends Melodie from Pink Cupcake Vintage and Sara from Party Perfect were there.  And I met Tec Petaja and Chelsea from Oh My Deer blog.  (I will have to do a post about this beautiful and talented couple.)

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Hill Country House Girl said...


Thanks so much for the mention! Wish we might have chatted a bit - but as my daughter said, "Mom that was sweet but kind of awkward......I think she was just coming to see her friends!" I love that we stopped by there and didn't even realize what a cute and talented couple Gen and her husband are, and what a cutie their son is!(we bought donuts) My daughter loves her pink table we bought for her room. Thanks for the tip!!