weekend fun

Along with a lot of much needed yardwork we had a little bit of low key fun this past week end. We had some extra boxes that we no longer needed so my 17 year old decided to make a house for some very excited little girls.
We also had a bonfire and made some smores. I love events like theses that all of my ages can enjoy together.

What are some things that you enjoy doing as a family?


Pam said...

we live on the beach so bonfires and s'mores are quite common in our family. have you ever tried them with peanut butter? even better!

rustic rooster interiors said...

I want to play!!!!


A House and Home said...

s'mores are my favorite! We introduced them to our German niece and nephew this summer...what a great export!

A Country Farmhouse said...

S'mores sound soooo good! We spent our entire long weekend doing house projects. But my favorite thing to do together, even if the rest of the day is full of chores, is sitting down to eat good food. I especially look forward to a lazy day breakfast.

erin said...

hi kayce, i stumbled onto your blog this morn and noticed you are from nashville (i am in franklin). we had a bonfire too this weekend as the weather was just fantastic!! anyway, after perusing your lovely blog and then website, i noticed a familiar face...betsy aston is a friend of my daughters! small world, isn't it. so, i am a new follower here and please say "hello" to sweet betsy, from ashley's mom, erin.
hope the weather continues to cool off after such a brutal summer,

Carin said...

That looks like such a fun weekend. I've still to try s'mores. Reading all the American blogs I feel I'm missing out on something good!

pink cupcake vintage said...

please invite us next time! :)

About Last Weekend said...

Isn't it amazing how boxes can keep kids amused for hours? My kids love them too. Free and easy.You reminded us to do smores soonest, we used to do them on the inside fireplace.

pve design said...

we attended a super annual block party down the street which was great fun...and we had smores, kareoka, a candle lighting ceremony and sang a few songs, Kumbaya, God Bless America -
love being with my family, having meals, skiing, making fires, laughing and making merry! :)