tin can treats

A while back I shared how my girls (and clothing) were in a photo shoot for tin can treats. The photographer Tech Petaja has put a bunch of the photos on his blog and I am blown away! Go check out the rest of the pictures and all of Tech's beautiful photography. Makes me want to get married again...to the same man of course.

Lucky for me tin can treats is available for weddings, parties and events. Melodie at tin can treats knows how to do a vintage party better than anyone.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What pretty photos! I'm enjoying your blog! ♥

Raluca said...

Dear Kayce,
as I've said yesterday, my new post mentions you ;-)
Please visit it when you have 1 minute free:
Thanks a lot!

Prudence said...

this is great! so cute, I wonder wear the party hats were from? Gives me some cute party ideas.

simply seleta said...

I ♡ these pics!!!