gluten free

This wheat grinding, bread baking mom just found out that my 10 year old has celiac disease.

I am trying to figure out how to navigate this new territory. I am thankful for my friend Melodie who has already emailed me some of her favorites.

If any of you have any gluten free tips for me don't hold back.


EBB said...

Kayce, I am sorry to hear that. I like the site www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com
and know she addresses the gluten topic. Good luck, EBB

claire said...

oh I feel for you and your daughter! I have just been told I am not to eat gluten too and I have found a great website with some amazing gluten free recipies, there is a link on my blog.
elenaspantry.com is the site, good luck!

sewfarandaway said...

Hi Kayce,
Good news is that Nashville actually has a lot of great options between Whole Foods (bio naturae noodels and several options) and Trader Joe's, Fiddlecakes on 8th Ave S.
Another one I have read about but haven't tried is http://auntaprilsbakery.com/
Quinn has been gluten free for almost 5 years and we rarely use a recipe but here are some blogs that seem to have good ideas.

Nashville specific gluten free blog; http://www.glutenfreegeek.com/blog/

It's actually not so bad. We recently discovered ordering bread dough online from King Arthur. If you order the kit with the bread pan, it's great and the bread is amazing. We love it just out of the oven and it's the best bread we've found yet if you have the patience and since you bake, you must!
Let me know if you want to chat; I've got some standards too and this is getting long!

birdie blue said...

so sorry to hear that, kayce. she'll be in my thoughts.


sweetpea said...

We do egg and dairy free, my daughter is highly allergic, they thought it was celiac. The 1-2-3 gluten free brand at kroger is great...the biscuits are amazing and the sugar cookies are as well... both make tons! (we do them to our guidelines) Baking is still fun, just more challenging!
here is another good site...
good luck!

sweetpea said...

here is another site that has great gluten free recipes...

Kristine said...

Hi Kayce,
It seems I've passed my food intolerances on to 3 of my 4 children so we are a family that avoids certain foods too. Believe me, avoiding gluten gets easier, and is not as daunting as it initially seems. There are some great substitute pastas and baking flours. Bread is probably the hardest one - school lunch sandwiches can be awfully dry with gluten free bread. I've been reading the blog: Gluten Free Girl for a little while now. She posts about some great substitute products for cooking with. She's based in the U.S. so I'm sure you'll be able to source what she sources. I gave up gluten myself about 3 months ago and have feel so much better for it (I've avoided dairy and high sugar foods for 15 years). Good luck with it all.

erika said...

Hi Kayce,
Sorry to hear that your daughter has Celiac's. Fortunately there is more of an awareness and also there are many products out there that it may be an easy transition for her. One blog I think is great is:

She just published a book not too long ago and her blog is a great resource for gluten free foods and recipes.

All the best!

Designs by Kara Kihm said...

Oh wow! I've been gluten free for over a year now. There are still so many yummy options! Gluten free pizza and veggie burgers made by Amy's are great. I also live off brown rice for carbs and rice cakes! Once you get used to it, you feel sooo much better!

Bridget said...

While the recipes might be a bit much for everyday cooking -- roostblog.com is one of my favorites. Gorgeous photos and writing -- many food posts all of which are gluten and dairy free.

Simply Life said...

my 8 year old has celiac as well. my friend has it too and has a wonderful blog called keepitsimplekeepitfresh.blogspot.com

it has wonderful ideas and recipes. love your blog!!!