ikea love

I wanted to share some recent Ikea loves.
These duvet covers with matching pillows were $14 a set and that makes me a much nicer mom when I find magic markers on them.
These are hard melamine storage containers. They are the perfect red and I though for sure that they would crack or melt or something but I have had them for a few months and I am still so in love with them.
I couldn't find either of these on line but they were there a month ago. How about you? What is your favorite cheap find lately?


Pinecone said...

I love Ikea - but since we moved, I think the nearest one is 4 hours away pooh!!
I really like the bedding you found - so cute :)
xoxo Ashlyn

Julia said...

Darling bedding... I love your style!


bright girl said...

Cute! I love the fabrics in the girls room! Those frames look a lot like some from Pottery Barn. Love the pink color:)

Anonymous said...

Stumbled here from Design Mom. Love these ideas!