antiques and garden show of nashville

Are you heading to the show this weekend? My good friend Sarah is one of the chairmen so I know it will be a great event.
I am in love with the invitation! Hope to see you there.


sweetpea said...

it is definitely inviting!!!May have to check it out!

My Interior Life said...

I'll be there tomorrow to hear Mr. Miles Redd speak. Cannot wait!!

the Queen City Style said...

Hello! Please allow me to introduce myself! I found you via a Google search looking for a some vintage Lilly Pulitzer images for a post I am working on about their new store opening here in Charlotte, NC. A quick scroll down your blog and I decided I want to subscribe via email! (I couldn't seem to find this... is it an option??) But THEN, I saw this page that my close family friend made! (currently she is working on graphics for my blog.. yippee!!) What a Small world!!! Please let me know if I may follow you by email.

Warmest Regards, Whitley Adkins Hamlin
www.the queencitystyle.com