CMA awards

This Wednesday Clare was invited to the CMA awards.  She wanted a new dress.  I wanted to have her feel special with out spending a lot and with out her wearing a purple sparkle dress.
This was our compromise.  One of my skirts that she had from this Fall paired with a sparkle shirt from Justice.  (on sale for under $20)  Everyone was happy.  (Except Audrey and Olivia who now want sparkle shirts too.)

I almost forgot the best part.  When they were walking in they met Jordin Sparks and she told Clare that she liked her outfit!  I think that might have earned me a few more years of compromising.


Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

She looks absolutely darling!..... I know how difficult it can be navigating the waters of Justice!..... hope she had a wonderful time!

EBB said...

I went into Justice for the first time 2 weeks ago. I saw nothing as cute as Clare's top and ran away screaming (in my mind). Long live Crew Cuts and Boden. And when is the Pears & Bears line for 8-14 year olds coming out?