little THINGS...Ikea

I believe that most of life is lived in the little things. The big things always get attention (a birthday, a wedding, a new house, a diamond ring etc). I thought that it would be fun to have a section that celebrates the little things. Little touches that cost little time and or little money yet make you or someone else smile.

So here is my first "little THINGS" post.

For me a trip to Ikea is better than Disney World.  I usually make the 4 hour journey because of a new room or office etc but I love the little things that I find there.  This last time I fell in love with these set of 6 small glasses I had seen at my friend Gen's.  They are perfect for everything from wine or juice for my kids.  I grabbed the tray for Charlotte who loves union jacks.

My salad tongs seem to vanish (sand box) and these felt fun a summery.

I hope that your weekend is full of things that make you smile...big or small.


beki said...

I agree! Noticing the little things make life that much sweeter :)

StagerLinda said...

I agree! You've reminded me that my DIL and I have talked about a trip to Ikea for months. I'm texting her now so we can set a date!

paige said...

i'm betting that four hour trip brings you to my town?
would love to bump into you one day at the atlanta ikea!
LOVE the union jack trays and salad tongs too...must head over soon

happy summer & living the little things

Jennifer C. Webb said...

love this...can relate to items disappearing in the sandbox. As a child, my husband buried his Mother's silver in the yard...it was his "treasure." She still not sure if she found it all

Looking forward to more "little things" posts

JWK said...

Absolutely love the little things!! Those Ikea glasses are my GO-TO for EVERYTHING!!!

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

I agree too! Little things are what make everyday special. Laughed when I saw your post because I bought that tray and glasses too! IKEA is like a grown-up amusement park...... full of thrills. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I adore IKEA. I always walk away with fun treats.

Your BLOG looks fabulous. I love the changes!

3 Peanuts said...

I love the little things there too. There is one about 15 minutes from my house but I do not let myself go too often because all those little things add up;) Now...I want that Union Jack tray al though I have more trays than I possibly need!

I have little Ikea juice glasses for the kids that I etched their initials onto. I will post about it soon so you can see. It is the easiest craft and they loved their"monogrammed" glasses.

EHP said...

I love IKEA and just went last week, too! Had to hold myself back from buying some of the cute kid's stuff that mine are really just getting too big for. Why is IKEA such thrill?