pink jewels

Occasionally one of my older daughters will drag me into Forever 21.  The lack of seating and the loud music lets me know that I am not their target demo.  This 46 year old is wise enough to say no to the adorable crochet short shorts but I usually say yes to some of their ridiculously cheap, fun and colorful jewelry.  My last visit reminded me that I didn't own any ballet pink arm candy.
Like this 
or this.

And because more is always more....they all 3 came home with me and were invited to go on Date Night with us.
How about you?  Any new arm candy or Date Nights?


College Prepster said...

LOVE this!

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

Ha! I feel the same way about abercrombie! :) Love the pieces you chose. Have a great weekend!

pve design said...

You are forever making me smile because I can relate to each and every adventure. My daughter takes me to Forever 21 and there is always something calling my name. Those bangles are so chic. Glad they were invited to your date night out.

JMW said...

Love the jewelry - perfect for a night out with your sweetie! Love the ring, too. Very pretty. :)

the Queen City Style said...

Kayce, I am with you 100% on Forever 21 AND these bracelets! I LOVE the bigger one and my initial reaction to the flower one was so-so, but then seeing the way you are wearing them... mind if I be a copy-cat? Looks great!! Hope you are well! Whitley

Anonymous said...

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Have a great week.

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3 Peanuts said...

CUTEST bracelets!!!!