Karin Eaton

I love living in Nashville. It is big enough to discover new people and things daily but small enough to make connections.  Our friends at Style Blueprint asked Scott to photograph the home of Karin Eaton.  Karin designs beautiful iron lighting and more for her company Ironwear.  It turns out that their beautiful home was one that we looked at buying in 1994 as well.

These are some of my favorite shots but there are lots more at Style Blueprint.

These are two of my favorite's from Karin's creations but you can see loads more on her website Ironware International.


Jennifer C. Webb said...

what an amazing home, brilliant styling. Just checked her website....I was pinning their firescreens just last week without being familiar with this company. Your post a sign...to buy

ps: looking forward to the spring line

fashioningmylife said...

Love these pics!!