Thrifting by Charlotte Hughes

This Sunday I went thrifting with my mom.  We tackled two of our favorite stores: Thriftsmart and Music City Thrift.  We ended up with some fabulous pieces.  Our haul included two hats, four bags, five necklaces, four chairs, one belt, one pair of boots, one tray, and one sweater.  Olivia was sick and I had the day off from school, so we partnered up and had a fun photo shoot.  She obviously inherited the same modeling genes that Sophie did.  Look at that smile!

This bag is making me long for summer

I couldnt decide between two straw hats, so I just bought both
They were only $1.00 each, I couldn't resist
Our family motto is that you can never own too many sweaters, especially when they are only $2.50

Every time I visit a thrift store, I make sure to check the shoe section.  Sometimes it's inhabited by creatures other than Crocs


Laura Fitzgerald Cooper said...

Genes will out! Great post, Charlotte! Can't wait for more from you. oxo

A Flair for Vintage Decor said...

Absolutely adore that purse!! Take care, Caroline

little cupcakes said...

Love that purse so much!!!!