If you have been thinking about any of my clothes today is the day! Lots of great deals. Feel free to share this on your blog.


the gardeners cottage said...

omg kayce my internet has been out all morning and it finally comes on and i see this sale. i think i may have gotten the last dress in a size 4 and i'm thrilled to death. i'm so excited! i got the ellen dress in red primrose. red is one of my favorite colors. this is so great b/c business has been so slow that i didn't think i was going to be able to get one of your dresses. yay.


Whitney said...

just stumbled upon your site - perfect timing!

About Last Weekend said...

Oh no! Came back for that amazing blue button down shirt - but it's sold out! Am too slow.Now I really want it -isn't that always the way? Looks very Capri Island. Have a wonderful weekend.

paula said...

oh boo. I missed it.