valentine's day

I didn't get around to buying any valentine goodies for the store.
But if I had....they would surely include these lovely goodies from Rifle Paper.
I think that they would be lovely framed in a nursery.
Are you getting ready?


Marisa said...

LOVE Rifle almost Swiss in feeling

pve design said...

My husband, the father of our children just announced at dinner that did you know Valentimes day is coming...and that is how he says it! WE all laughed... no make that chuckled.
I need to make you some Valentines for your shop.
Maybe you should just have a table with some scissors, red hearts, and pretty markers for customers to make their own....

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I am not ready for Valentine's Day yet...think I will get started tonight...thanks for the encouragement!

About Last Weekend said...

Love the top one, it's so gentle..

Elizabeth said...

i have my valentines signed and sealed. i'm just waiting on my stamps to come in from zazzle. i think they got lost:(