gen's favorites

My long time readers might remember different posts that I have done on my friend Gen.
As you can see by these pictures of her home from Cookie Magazine she is very creative. (She has also been in a bunch of other things including Domino.)
I am always in awe of how she and Ben can edit edit edit. (She is wearing one of my shirts in this photo!)
Gen always seems to be working on a new house or project.
Her beautiful wedding was in Martha Stewart. (We got to do the flower girl dresses.)
I am so excited that one of her newest endevors is a BLOG! She has just started but I know it will be one of my favorites.
Gen is always finding the best things at great prices. (Like the goodies below for 75 cents)

Please go check it out and leave her a comment. (You know what it is like when you are the new girl at school.)


My Interior Life said...

I'm heading over now! I've been to a couple of her tag sales (and her previous shop, Favorite), and her taste is flawless. So excited she's started a blog!

Misplaced Coupon said...

I love, love, love that yellow couch and yellow chairs. She obviously has a very good eye and excellent taste!

bluehydrangea said...

Thanks for the heads up..I am off to check it out!

About Last Weekend said...

Wow, she is so talented. Love the airy nostalgia of the first room and the wooden chairs. And she has great taste, she is wearing one of your shirts!

Livyb said...

Oh, I have loved her style since seeing her homes in Domino and Cookie. Thank you for sharing. She's going to be big in this little blog world. Takes a stylish one to know another, and you ladies both have such great style!

EHP said...

Love, love, love it! You always have great suggestions for new blogs to read!

Gen said...

I can't thank you enough for sending such lovely "readers" my way!!! So many wonderful comments!!!
A feel very welcomed by such an amazing group of stylish women!!!

Many, many thanks to everyone who has stopped by to say hi!!

christine {bijouandboheme} said...

I can't wait to check this out- that yellow sofa and her beautiful wedding shot just had me at hello.

The Nester said...

I just got my copy of the book UNDECORATE yesterday and I recognize this house! just lovely!

Alison Duffy said...

I can't wait to check it out!!

Art said...

I love white furniture and that bed just made my wish list. Beautiful!