The sun is trying to come out but it is still too cold to start planting flowers in Nashville. I am itching to head to Home Depot and get flats full of flowers. Petunias are one of my favorites.
Even if it is too cold for real petunias this beautiful watercolor by Jacqueline Gnott at $85 could hold me over for a few weeks.

How about you? What flowers are you going to plant this spring?


My Interior Life said...

Petunias are always on my list. I'm not great at remembering flower names. I just pick pretty ones!

the gardeners cottage said...

zinnias grow really well in the summer heat. i'll be planting soon.


ps - thanks for your input today. i wondered where your clothing was manufactured.

EHP said...

I always love snap dragons,scabiosa (aka pincushion flower) and zinnias for annuals. Maybe because they all make great cut flowers.

Annabel Manners said...

I don't garden but I love filling the house with flowers. Can't wait for pink peonies to hit the market! :)

AmyB said...

Sweet potato vine spilling over the edge of the pot with angel wing, or dragon wing, begonias shooting out the top with a burst of bright red. I am so desperate for color on my porch. Or even just a peek of sunshine.

Pinecone said...

I don't have much of a green thumb, but I always plant basil, chives, rosemary, etc. As for flowers I love peonies and can't wait to buy some for vases!

About Last Weekend said...

Beautiful painting and petunias are always happy-making!