I have always loved daisies and it is not just because I have a sister and a niece with that name.
Every year I buy a packet of daisy seeds with the intention of having and endless supply.
These beautiful daisies don't need water,

and they feel like sunshine.

Check out this happy UK website Lisa Stickley for more.


Pinecone said...

So want the purse!!

Great site...so glad that you posted about it.

birdie blue said...

love the green tote bedecked with sweet daisies.

thanks for the heads' up, kayce.


Tessa said...

love the tote & the napkins!! i had an auntie daisy too! she was my nana's eldest sister and a complete hoot. she was british and always told the funniest (sometimes inappropriate) stories!!
xo, Tess

mamacita said...

I love that Margarita is the Spanish word for Daisy. It just makes me happy.

pve design said...

looks fresh as a daisy here. love the new look of your spiffed up blog.