back down south

I just realized that I never shared this great photo with you. It was taken by Caroline Fontenot for her blog back down south. This beautiful lady is Lyndal who runs our store in Chattanooga.
She would look cute in a paper bag but I do think that she looks really cute in our Nashville Button Down Dress ...if I do say so myself.


JMW said...

I just discovered the Back Down South blog not too long ago and love it! She's lovely, as is the dress!

Jennifer C. Webb said...

all of your dresses look great, even when worn incorrectly. While keeping our girls (3 and 21 mths) last weekend my parents dressed them for church with their pink Jane dresses ON BACKWARDS...buttons up the back. At least they looked good coming and going down the aisle to the children's sermon. Embarrassing

Caroline Fontenot said...

Thanks for sharing!
Caroline, Back Down South

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

She looks lovely in the dress. Love the boots with them, btw!