nashville store

My brain is about to explode trying to decide if we should do a store in Nashville.
The place that we want to have our store is full with no foreseeable turnover. The other area that I like only has one spot that would work and it is much larger than I need thus making the rent really high.
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I know that a store here is the next step for us I just don't know what to do.
Any words of wisdom?????


erin said...

how about downtown franklin?
happy new year, kayce!

Eleanor said...

It may sound trite, but everything works out the way it's meant to. Hold out for the spot you desire. If it is meant to be it will open up!

Liza Graves said...

How about you take the Amy Howard spot and have Cupcake Collection sell cupcakes there daily and then have another area be a rotating monthly lease for local jewelers? This may be way too complicated.


Loretta Fontaine (APPLESandRUBIES) said...

Kayce- What a tough decision to make. A high rent in a big space is a big hoop to jump through every month.

Maybr you could have a new concept where you sell something complementary in the additional space?

Or wait it out till your gut tells you you've found the right spot...


Christine said...

Hi, I came by to see the Ruffled White Blouse you have in your clothing line....Just Love It! Not sure what size would fit me though...') I have been "blessed"" or "cursed" when It comes to buying blouses...I am petite, but wear a 38DD bra size...ugh....would anything you have fit me?
Anyway, I just wanted to comment on your Store Front Dilemma.
How Bout a "Mobile" Store. A Boutique on Wheels...It's really becoming Quite the Trend. You could travel to your client and do bridal showers , events , private showings. Giving you More exposure while you wait for that perfect spot to open. Gaining even more clients along the way. I have come across couple in Tennessee. Jump over to my blog when you get a chance, a couple of days ago I posted six new Boutiques on Wheels. Maybe you will be Inspired"D
Just a thought..."D

Lesley Evers said...

My advice- wait for what you know is right. A lease is a big commitment. What happened to my GO FOR IT attitude? Deep in the trenches of business and fashion I guess.

Faux Country said...

I'm with Erin. Well, I don't actually know Erin, but, I vote for Franklin!

Blessings on your endeavor.


Unknown said...

Wait for the right location!!!! Ask anyone successful in retail - this will truly make or break you. Bummer I know.