nancy drew

I started reading The Bungalow Mystery to my 8 year old and I am hooked.
Is it weird to be 46 years old and so excited to hop into bed and finish it?
PS I think that Nancy is the coolest.


toodaloo said...

No!:-) I LOVE reading Trixie Belden to my kids!!


JMW said...

I used to love to read Nancy Drew novels. My cousin had the biggest collection and I was so envious! I really should start reading these with my daughter. Good idea!

Clara said...

No...I just googled last night to see if there are any adult type of Nancy Drew books. I am re-reading all of them with my nine year old. The BEST books ever!

My Interior Life said...

Oh, I've always loved Nancy Drew. My sister and I used to read them. And Trixie Belden too. Do you remember her? I wish I could get my 4th grader hooked! She doesn't love mysteries like I do for some reason!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Haha - I have a collection of horse books about "Little Black" and I used to beg my girls to let me read them at bedtime. BTW, getting my hair done tomorrow - hope to stop by your shop and snap some photos for the blog!

La Dolfina said...

OMG, I was such a huge Nancy Drew fan! I had all the books and still have them. She was big in my day (I am 53)
You have inspired me to pick one up again!!!
How fun for the two of you:)