the Vintage Designer

It was such a treat to return from vacation to find that Anthony's video was ready to share with you! I would love to know what you think. I think that you will agree that Anthony is super talented. He is also a good guy and fun to work with. If you need help with branding, photography or video I would highly recommend him.


Pinecone said...

I loved the video - and Anthony is indeed talented!!

I could feel all the warmth of your home and family in the home shots. I may have mentioned this before - but let me just say again that I love the look of your house.

In the work section, it was cool to get a feel for your process and the collaboration with the other people in your office.

Lastly, the music was spot on!! Love it all!!!

My Interior Life said...

Very cool! Loved it!!

A Perfect Gray said...

loved the video. could your family be any more precious? great piece that gives a real sense of "you." donna

the gardener's cottage said...

very very beautiful and what a great glimpse into your life! donna says it best. xo janet

Jennifer C. Webb said...

oh to be so chic at breakfast! Thank you for the peak inside your process

PS: my girls loving their gingham skirts from the spring line

JWK said...

Love it!!!

Julie said...

I loved it! Loving all my new clothes! xx, Julie

kathy said...

I loved it. Absolutely wonderful. In so many ways.

pve design said...

You are an impeccable woman, however did Anthony manage to capture all of you so beautifully. What I loved most is that you connect with a bygone era, women who wear cotton dresses. My Grandmother Lizzie made all her cotton dresses and aprons.
You would have loved her.
Congratulations to you and to Anthony.
Now I will be humming ba ba be da da all day....