more flowers for the office

With an assortment of thrift store containers in hand I thought it would be fun to do each arrangement of peonies with different greenery from our back yard.

This one uses a few extra peony branches...

This one uses licorice plant.  I try to buy some every year for our flower pots.  It is forgiving and I love the velvety look of the leaves.

Here I used variegated vinca that returns every year in our flower pot.

This is clipped from a boxwood or something that looks like one.
Now I am off to do some for the rest of the house. Our peony bush is abundant and I will be sad in a week or so when my favorite flower will no longer be at my fingertips.

I hope that you are enjoying Spring..


Pinecone said...

Such beautiful flowers - love the peony! xo

Jessica {The Aestate} said...

Gorgeous!! Wish I had my own Peony bush!