sock hop

The other night my 4th grader went to a sock hop at school. I was in my element....a dress from our line a few years back...vintage jewelry (I wear that daily) and a vintage straw bag (I have way too many of those. Could be time for an intervention.)
I even got to do the makeup (Sophie wasn't home).

I wish that all outfits were this easy!


Jennifer C. Webb said...

glamorous! I would wear that outfit, sock hop or not

Debbi said...

I know this is not related to your posting but I watched your "day in the life" video and the green in your home is the green that I have been looking at paint chips for weeks trying to find! Would you mind telling me what color/manufacturer you used? I would really appreciate it as we move in a month and I need to tell the painter what to buy for our new kitchen and dining room walls. Thank you so much!