I am on the hunt for some felt flower hair clips for the new store. I had seen some months ago (probably even blogged about them) but now I can't remember where. I did find these delightful goodies on my search. They are from green mountain wee woolies.

If anyone knows where my flower clips are will you please let me know?


ERH said...

Hi Kayce,
I am a huge fan of your lines and your blog. There's a store in Charleston that carries felt clips - I saw them on the counter when I was in the other day. I don't think they make them but they'd probably be happy to share their source with you. It's called Baby Bloomers and the number is 843-216-1026. In the meantime, if you find a source for Mela Wilson or Elephantito saddle shoes for boys will you post it on your blog?

Bellamia said...

Hi Kayce! Giddy Giddy hair clips are THE BEST!! They stay in from "fuzz" to thick curlz! Mom's LOVE them!

Bellamia said...

Also, I carry Elephantito, but not their shoes, tell ERH she can order directly from their website! Their shoes run a little small! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

My neighbor's daughter wear them all the time. I think their aunt makes them. I find out when they get back from vacation and let you know.


Marisa said...

Try the women's exchange!