images by christian montone
Can someone please remind me next year that no amount of money saved is worth the hassle of trying to buy my children's school supply lists.
PS: If anyone knows where to find crayola crayons in 48 count will you please let me know.


My Interior Life said...

I can imagine buying for multiple kids could drive you crazy. I must say, one thing I love about my daughter's school is that you can pre-buy their school supplies at the end of the previous year and have them all ready and pre-packaged. They just unpack them on the first day. It's totally worth the few extra dollars the school and company make off the deal!

Prudence said...

love the images! Isn't it a hassle? and then the teacher requests the most expensive brand of scissors?? with 5 kids they are getting generic.

Carolyn said...

I will check in CT and let you know what I find out!

Gramercy Home said...

I actually just saw some at Publix (but I'm assuming you have them by now and don't know if you have Publix by you). LOVE the images, however!!!