number 35

Do you have a favorite football player? I do. He is #37 and he plays for my favorite team.

To be honest he plays for the only team that I ever watch.

I still don't really understand the game.

But he doesn't seem to care.

Cheers to #35 for a great game this morning. XOMOM


pve design said...

What a Saint, you and your player.
I do not understand the game of football either!

Anonymous said...

So sweet! Go #35!!


mary katharine said...

I recently thought about how different my Mother/child relationship would be if I had a son. What a sweet post this is ... a little glimpse into a world I'll never know. You're a good Momma!!

Style Chronicle said...

Hello handsome. Momma, it's time to get in the game :)

Gramercy Home said...

Love this post! #35 is adorable.

Lisa said...

So adorable! I live in the land of pink, cheerleaders and fairy princesses, but think I could handle a cutie little boy and some football if he was as adorable as yours. :)