I am in love with these stocking from Holly Mathis Interiors they are made by Michelle. I am not really a decorate for every holiday kind of girl but Christmas is my absolute favorite. I am so excited this year to have a store window to decorate too. I have already been dreaming and hope to share some of the process. I am hunting for images of vintage stamps and labels so if anyone has a great source please let me know.

How about you...what is your favorite holiday?


Tessa said...

I saw those on Holly's blog yesterday. so cute! I'm all about Christmas too - fresh bowood wreaths, the smell of a pine tree in our home, pretty wrapped packages under the tree, advent calendars. I also have wonderful handmade paper window decorations from Denmark that were gifts from my Danish family and wooden German ornaments from the years we lived in over seas when I was little..can't wait to see what you do with your store front window!!

Anonymous said...

I love decorating for Christmas and Valentine's. My idea of decorating though is pretty minimal. I like the use of a lot of negative space (haha).

Have you thought of using a vintage looking silver tree at your store? I love those.

Raluca said...

Dear Kayce, thank you for sharing all those nice things here, on your blog. Your blog is the 1st blog on my taste that I've ever read! I've seen the picture of you and your family in "Country Living" and I was sooooo impressed, that I was showing it to everyone saying: "look, how a mother of 7 children looks like!" I am from Romania and here, having 1-2 children is "more than enough".. Imagine how shocked I was to see that a woman can have so many children and still look so good, have time for date nights with husband, even have her own business!
Then I've found you on Internet and I've started reading your blog and some other blogs found based on the comments you was receiving.
Now I've started a blog of my own and I love writing there :-)
Thanks for sharing! You are great!

My favorite Holiday too is Christmas. It really has something magical.

Kisses, Raluca

the gardeners cottage said...

hi kayce,

when my sons were small i loved christmas but now that they are all out of the house my ideal christmas would involve a poinsettia and a bottle of good wine.


Jade @ Flip Flops + Pearls Design said...

Love the rustic stockings! They would fit in perfect with all my Christmas decor!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Oooh love those! They would be so simple to make too.