gift giving children

I love finding something that I adore to give as a gift. When I found these bears I new I had to have them for our store. I find myself grabbing them all the time to give as gifts. I love adding them to a day gown or blanket for a new born gift. They are perfect gifts for my little girls to give at a birthday party. Even my teen age girls have stolen them from the office (they did ask first).
They come in two sizes and are soft and cuddly. How cute would the little one be poking his head out of a stocking this Christmas?

Another favorite children's gift are these crayons from Melissa and Doug. (also now available in Kayce's shop) The are nice and hard so they don't break and they are triangular so they won't roll off the table. My girls love them and I am crazy about the red case they come in.

How about you...do you have a little stash of children's gifts in your closet or do you head to the toy store when a party comes up?


ceo said...

I always like to have a little stash... these are super cute.....


Julia said...

Great ideas...I think I need to start a little stash of gifts:).

Veronica said...

Oh Kayce,

I remember I bought a collection of these on ebay when I was trying to learn how to sew, the sizes were Ridiculous but the dress itself was so so pretty..

Staci Edwards said...

Those teddies are super cute!