I am in love with these cards from sycamore street press. I am planning to buy them to frame. I think that they would look great in a white bamboo frame.

Their gift tags are so beautiful. I think they would be great to stash away for a last minute gift or use one to make a loaf of home made bread an extra special gift.


steel cut oats and much more

Fall weather is finally here in Nashville. I always have a resurgence of cooking with a new season. Tonight I was searching for how to cook the steel cut outs that I had bought. I stumbled upon a fabulous site called vegan yum yum. Lolo has a lot of delicious sounding recipes and gorgeous photos that she takes herself. My oats are cooked (ready for breakfast tomorrow)and I am still pouring over her beautiful website.



I am always looking for something inexpensive to put in the center of our kitchen table. We have a large old pine table so cheap flowers like daises and carnations look right at home.


more needlepoint

As I sit at my desk I am dreaming of this evening when all (or most) of the kiddies will be sleeping. I plan to make myself a yummy cup of tea and do some needlepoint. Above are some of my favorites for more immediate gratification.
If you are wondering what to get your favorite dog for Christmas...here it is the best looking dog collar ever! (from Smathers and Branson)
I am in love with the boy's belts that you can buy on my web site.

The women's loafers are from Stubbs & Wootton and the ballet flats are from By Paige.

The headband is from Tucker Blair via Bunny's blog.


needlepoint pillows

I am not sure if it was the hint of fall weather or my daughters begging me to buy them some knitting supplies but my desire to create something was in full swing this weekend. So I decided to needlepoint a pillow for our living room. My children may all be in college by the time my 16" x 24" pillow is complete but I am having a blast working on it.

If you want the look with out the wait ..... above are some beautiful pillows from www.alistfurniture.com .


empty wall #3

I found this old needlepoint in a thrift store for under $10 and a few weeks later found the frame for $3. They look like they belong together. Thrift store frames are a great way to save money.


empty wall #2

This was from one of my favorite projects. My two oldest girls left for 10 days to go to summer camp so I decided to surprise them by redoing their room. Many gallons of high gloss white paint later the room was done and the girls were speechless...well for about one minute. They love it and I had a blast racing against the clock.
I found these vintage handkerchiefs in one antique store for about $2. The frames, plexiglass and backing were bought on line. The frames got a coat of primer and then a coat of white high gloss.


empty wall #1

Although I love a clean modern look I find my self covering up every empty wall in my house. (I am sure that there is a fancy medical word for such a compulsion.) Above are some antique cards that I framed for my girl's room. The small lucite frames are from Michaels. (I could not find them on the web site) I am sure that other places have them as well. I believe they were about $3. I just taped them onto pale pink mat board and popped them into the frame. (If only all of my projects were this quick and inexpensive.)


kate spade

Our office is still on cloud 9 after a visit from Kate Spade and her adorable daughter. They came into our booth at NY market. (Of course it would be the season that i stayed home.) Just to hear that a women whose taste I greatly admire "loves" my line made my day..well week...OK year!
Above are some bags that I love from Kate Spade.


vintage straw bags

I have a small obsession with vintage straw bags. Some were purchased on eBay but most of them have been found in vintage stores in Nashville where I live. Sometimes I will sew in a new fabric liner with leftovers from a recent upholstery project. Don’t get me wrong…if a Hermes Birkin bag found its way in my Christmas stocking I would be thrilled. But there is something just as fun about carrying a bag that cost less than $20 and always did.