I have always loved daisies and it is not just because I have a sister and a niece with that name.
Every year I buy a packet of daisy seeds with the intention of having and endless supply.
These beautiful daisies don't need water,

and they feel like sunshine.

Check out this happy UK website Lisa Stickley for more.

house of fifty

I am so thrilled to be part of the first issue of house of fifty!
Have you you seen the newest on line magazine? What do you think?


Happy Easter

I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter. Ours could not have been better. With church starting at 11 we enjoyed a slow morning. Had some friends over for an easy lunch and spent the rest of the day on the porch or in the yard. (And a little run with the hubby so I wouldn't feel too bad about all of the candy I stole throughout the day.)

I wanted to share the one thing that I did make for this year. I ordered these paper mache eggs on line. I made the large yellow ones (they are about 6 inches long) for everyone in the family.
And the smaller pink ones for my "office" family.
I wish that I had more reasons to use glitter. It just makes me happy.


holly craig's list

I wanted to introduce you all to my friend Holly. She used to work with us at Kayce Hughes and she misses us all so much that she usually comes by for a visit one a week. When she came by this week with chocolate cake for all of us I had to snap a picture.
Holly has started Holly Craig's List. She features one fabulous product a day. She has a great eye and her descriptions are almost as funny as her office visits.
Our tunic tops are today's feature!
Stop by and get on her list. You never know what fun things she will find!



This is what I found as I walked by the window this afternoon.

I can feel summer coming!

fast food

Some days I don't have the time or energy to make a fabulous lunch. (I have never like traditional fast food.) My new favorite thing to eat on the go are these packages of nuts and dried fruit from Trader Joe's.
Some of my kids love them too. How about you? Do you have a Trader Joe's? If so what do you love to get there?


help charlie heal

I am always is awe of the creativity of children. Looking at their art always makes me smile.
big brother walker

my 3 youngest girl's room

Aerin Lauder

Now you can spread the love and help a sweet little boy at the same time. Click here to buy some of Walker's art made into cards to help with his little brothers medical expenses. To find out more about Charlie click here. To check out his mom's blog click here.


evy top

Scott snapped a picture of my outfit today. All winter I have loved wearing my evy tops untucked but this Spring I am loving them tucked in.
My jeans are a few years old from J Crew. The shoes I blogged about a few years ago from TJ Max and my new cotton scarf is from Goodwill. One day I might be brave enough to wear it around my neck but for now I am loving it as a little belt. My top is the evy top from our line.

What is your favorite thing to wear this spring?



I am captivated by these images from Nell Dickerson's new book, Gone:A Photographic Plea for Preservation.
Found via Garden and Gun, which seems to have a hand in all things that are cool and fabulous in the South.

I do believe that a picture is worth a thousand words but Dickerson says it well, “Do whatever it takes to keep the stories alive. Our personal history is part of our national history, and we should pass it to our children with great reverence, because it is not just who we were, but who we are.”


mango salsa

Here is a little peek from last nights dinner. This has been a favorite for many years.
I think that it came from an old House Beautiful.
I try to make the mango salsa a couple hours ahead of time.

Mango Salsa:
2 mangos
1 peach (fine to omit if not in season)
1 clove garlic, minced
3T finely chopped red onion
3T chopped cilantro
juice of one lime
2T olive oil

Combine all ingredients in a glass bowl cover and put in the fridge.

Black bean and goat cheese quesadillas:
flour tortillas
1-2 cans re fried black beans
6-8 oz goat cheese

Spread tortillas with beans, goat cheese and cilantro. Put two tortillas together and cook in a skillet with a little bit of butter. (If the cheese is room temp it is much easier to spread.)

Are you ready to bring out the Spring/Summer recipes?


the grass is always greener

I love these warm days when the kids come home from school and live outside.
We don't have a beautiful green lawn. We have way too many weeds.
But how can you complain when one of the weeds is this much fun?
Thought you might enjoy a little snapshot of our Thursday.



I have always been a sucker for great packaging, especially when it comes to makeup. I am in love with the Lucite look of the lip gloss packaging. Has anyone seen this in real life? This might be what the Easter Bunny gets me.

copy cat

I just spied these fabulous shoes over at Pink Cupcake Vintage. I don't know how she forgot to mention them when we had coffee this morning. I agree that they are pricey for payless but fabulous none the less.