christmas wrapping paper by ella doran

We are busy wrapping things up over here at the Hughes house.  Our oldest is home from NY and I am looking forward to some down time over the next week.

Here is my plan..... stay in my PJ's till after noon...eat lots of peppermint ice-cream before the stores stop stocking candy canes...stay up way too late and watch movies with my older kids...get out the messy paints with my younger kids...get all of the laundry done (for at least a few minutes), make some yummy dinners and brunches that keep us at the table long after the eating is done, drink hot coco next to a roaring fire, knit the stockings for next Christmas, read, sleep, laugh and enjoy the people that make my life full.

I hope that all of you have a wonderful holiday.


wooden kids toys

We just got some adorable wooden toys in the shop and they are only $12.

Do you have any little people on your list?

Christmas Decorations

I am in love with these images by made in persbo found via Heart Handmade.

I am a little conflicted when it comes to Christmas Decor....part of me loves all things sparkly and the other part loves natural.  How about you?  Do you have a favorite?  Do you love both?


vintage Christmas photo shoot

My very talented friend Melodie styled her Christmas card this year and it was too great not to share with you.  You can see more of the photos by Brooke Morgan at Melodie's blog pink cupcake vintage.


vintage Christmas

I am loving Melodie's Christmas Decorations.

Glitter, bottle brush trees, glass ornaments, fresh greenery.....what are your favorite things about Christmas Decorations?


children's clothing sale

All of our children's clothing is on sale until Wednesday at midnight.  These are a few of my favorite dresses...


shorely chic giveaway

I have a little giveaway for you today... One of you will win theses three wonderful gifts from Liz at Shorely Chic.  I have followed Liz's blog for a long time and I enjoy both her blog and her shop.

For a chance to win just check out Liz's shop and tell me your favorite find.  For an extra chance follow Liz's blog and leave an additional comment letting me know.


mercury glass

Mercury glass is one of those things that I think I will always be in love with.  Our new store is right next to West Elm and their 30% off all mercury glass sale is very tempting.
Dots and mercury glass...what's not to love...
These little ones are $3 each and free shipping.  Perfect for a festive table and at that price you can get some for your desk and to organize your make up.
I hope that you are enjoying your December!  I am very excited for some R & R this weekend.



Scott and I almost never watch TV.  Perhaps it is because we are too busy or perhaps it is because when we love a show we become complete addicts.  It doesn't happen often but we fall hard.  Suits has caused us to stay up way past our bed time ....just one more.
Any one else out there fallen in love with this show?


crazy week!

Sorry that I have been missing in action. We found out less than a week ago that we were going to be able to move into a retail space that we have been wanting for a while.  Our whole team has been working like crazy and we were able to open for business today!

We are thrilled to be in the Hill Center in Nashville.  I will be working all day tomorrow so please come by and say hi.  I am very thankful for Scott (who among lots of other things painted the whole store pink)  Caroline, Betsy and Ali who came in early and stayed late.  My children who pulled tinting off windows and unpacked boxes were the best.  I couldn't have done it with out friends who offered to pick up my kids from school and ballet and come help with display or stop by and say hi.  And thankfully my friend Gen came over and worked her merchandising magic.  I am sure that I have forgotten someone but I am ready to crawl into bed.


western shirt

Our western shirt and some other goodies are on major sale today...as in $10!

Sizes are limited but prices are crazy. Hope you are having a wonderful Monday!


crochet blanket

There is something about this time of year that makes me want to find my old knitting needles.  Fortunately my daughter is working on a scarf and lets me do a row or two now and then.

This beautiful blanket is making me wish that I knew how to crochet.  Actually the purl bee makes me want to do nothing but sit by the fire and knit or crochet.

I am seriously craving a project.

Paul Balmer

I love these large landscapes by Paul Balmer.
I hope that you are all excited for a short week. Our oldest is home from school and I am looking forward to a cozy lazy Thursday with a lot of yummy turkey!



If my family is reading these beautiful bracelets are on my Christmas list...the more the merrier!


vintage books

I love creative endeavors that involve vintage books.  I found this one via Melodie's Pinterest.  To see how it is made you can go to Cosmo Cricket.

I do have a stash of books that I couldn't resist at Good Will.  It would be a fun Christmas project....


go big or go home

You have probably noticed by now that I love big.
I am crazy in love with this giant pearl necklace that we just added to our store.  For $35 it is the perfect way to add some fun to any outfit.

Grab one for yourself and a few to give away before they are gone!
Happy Friday!


Holiday dresses

I am looking forward to dressing up over the Holidays.  I think that the tunic is my favorite.

How about you.  Are you looking forward to some festivities?  I would love to know which dress is your favorite.


paint it

Do you ever feel like you might go nuts if you don't make something with your hands? I found these on pinterest today and I wish I could pick one up right now. I am not sure that I am steady enough to do my walls but some forgiving wrapping paper might be in my near future. You can check out some more patterns at the painted house.
How about you... Have you made anything lately?

kate spade

I am loving these new offerings from Kate Spade.


vintage toys

I am a bit of a vintage toy junkie and am loving these photos that Scott recently took.

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend!