olive manna

I feel relaxed just looking at this web site.
I am going to lay awake tonight thinking about all of the ways to use these wood tags.
I love sticky notes but usually take the pink and blue from the 4 pack and leave the orange and green for someone else. These would be perfect.
And I love twill tape.
All of these beauties and lots more can be found at olive manna. With October almost over I am starting to get excited about making things for the Holidays.



They had me at red....but add in shinny and I am in love!

nashville talent

I love these beautiful photos of my friend Sara's home taken by the talented Tec Peteja for anthology magazine.

Sara's blog is full of great party inspirations. Check out both of these beautiful nashville blogs if you don't already.


I have been fascinated by printing lately. (Perhaps it is the empty wall over the crib in the store that has me thinking.) I love how they feel modern yet not mass produced. These three by bio robot would be a great grouping....or the start of a new collection.


Halloween Party

This week we went to a fun party at my friend Gen's. As usual it was the perfect combination of a little store bought a little home made and a lot of creativity.

You can see more on her blog.

party time!

I thought that I would put this out to my blog friends....let us know if you know of any one.
Hope everyone if having a great weekend.


fall line

It is such a treat when people send us photos.
It is a funny thing that we work really hard on a line and it goes out the door but it doesn't seem real until we see pictures like this one.
How adorable are these three all wearing shirts from our Fall line?

another pretty pumpkin

I am not a big fan of Halloween but I do like pretty. This is a very pretty pumpkin in my book. (no pun intended) I found it over at Simply Seleta.


white pumpkins

I am loving these white pumpkins that Erin found at the flea market.
Beautifully photographed in their new home.




Here are two of my favorite photos from yesterday's photo shoot. They are from our spring line that will come out next year.

I am really excited about them and am praying for a few more warm days so that we can finish.



I am exhausted.
Saturday morning my friend and I weren't paying attention and instead of doing a 4.5 mile hike we did a 9 mile one. (We realized this at about mile 6.) Today even my arms ache.

And today we photographed some of our children's spring line. Three of my children plus a friend's adorable 3 children. There was lots of chaos but hopefully we got some good pictures. I am hoping to be in bed very very early.


felt dolls

I am in love with these felt doll kits from Pearl Studio.

They make me wish that I had a nursery to decorate.



I moth and some of his closest friends inspired me to clean out our pantry last week. After a fresh coat of paint no one was allowed back in with out a visit to the dishwasher and a new label. We aren't looking as good as this picture found via PVE but close enough!


pink or green

I am so in love with these i pad cases by Juicy Couture. I don't have an i pad but would use these beauties any way.

The only problem is deciding what color I like more. I found them via my friend Gen's blog.

storage love...

What is it about a beautiful storage item that makes my heart beat faster? Is it the dream that I could be organized?
I am in love with these enamel boxes from West Elm. The orange would be perfect in my son's room or should I get red for my kitchen?


the hills

It is always a treat to see how other people style our clothes. The hills magazine in Kansas City featured our dress and jacket on the cover.
Our dress, skirt and shirt in this shot....
and our dress here...
If you have a friend in KS send them over to the Little House kids store to get all of these cute outfits.