love..a sale

I just found out that these beautiful cashmere sweaters from INHABIT are on sale for $80 with free shipping. (so glad that I bumped into my friend Martha at Whole Foods) I think today is the last day.



Reed Krakoff (the President and Executive Creative Director of Coach) and I worked together many years ago at Ralph Lauren so I always love to see what wonderful things he is creating. Here are some of my favorites.

The little guys

As a small business owner I try to support other small business. One of my Nashville favorites is The Produce Place. It happens to be near Nashville Ballet where my daughter can be found 3 days a week. It is so fast to run in and grab some ingredients for dinner. They a also have the yummiest salad with strawberries and blue cheese for around $3. They even had the coconut milk that I needed to finish dinner tonight...jamacian rice and peas.

we are back

Why have I not been blogging?... My husband and I were invited on a cruise at the last minute. So before we left I was trying to write down children's schedules and find a new pair of white jeans etc. Then we were on the boat for 5 days. One of the evenings entertainment was my all time favorite band Third Day. It was a blast to hear them in a small setting. They even had some come up and do Karaoke with them. (I kept my hand down)



I am trying to exercise more and drop a few pounds. That means not grabbing the large toblerone bar that I love. There are so many yummy bars that are a great snack (especially when you are on the run). I also love to make my own. This recipe is just a basic one that can be altered a million ways. I have some in the oven as I write this blog. I was out of wheat germ and I replaced the honey with dates that I pureed.
breakfast bars
2 cups rolled oats
1 1/2 cup whole wheat flour
1 cup apple juice
1/4 cup wheat germ
1 cup packed currants
3/4 t cinnamon, plus extra for the top
6 T brown sugar or honey
1/2 t salt
1/2 cup veg oil
1/4 cup sesame seeds and or 1/2 cup cashews
mix all and bake for 30 min at 350 in an oiled pan.



I went to an adorable store in Nashville called the green wagon. I got a great product called "Eco Diva earth angel after bath body oil"...just what my dry legs needed. I was unable to find the product on line but if you live in Nashville it's worth the trip. The store also happens to be next to my favorite restaurant Cafe Nona. The scent of my new oil reminded me of my favorite soap Dr. Bronner's Liquid Soap Lavender Castile Soap. Use it in the shower or bath. At $5.09 for 16oz it is a great bargain.


etsy children's find..DaisyChains

As always I head to Etsy when I am looking for something beautiful to blog about. These "dolls" at erica dailys have a vintage feeling and would be so beautiful in a children's room or doll house.


vintage clothing

I love vintage clothing. My 3 year old was wearing an old Florence Eiseman today that must be from the 60's or 70's because it barely covered her fanny. Nothing cuter than 3yr old legs with tights. Above are some of my favorites from pink cupcake vintage.


kate spade

I am also loving these green shoes from Kate Spade. I think they are from a past season because they are on sale at 6pm.com.

kate spade

My sweet friend Holly emailed me with photos of these clutches from the Kate Spade store. She thought they looked like something I would like. Little did she know that I had already saved a picture from a magazine with them in it and I am totally in love.



I love old signs and letters. This is a shot from my home with a collection of new and old letters. (The "H" is about 4 feet tall) We only use letters found in our initials. I am loving this enamel letter from urban outfitters and the note card.


I am not sure what I love more...Sally Bartz's Halsey bags or her childhood photos. Above are a little of both.


love...chic flicks

In honor of my sister who gave birth to her 8th child today...here are my top 8 movies. (I wish that I loved intellectual movies with sub titles but the truth is that I love a good chic flick.)


etsy love... vintage jewelry

I love just about anything vintage and vintage jewelry is no exception. Here are some beauties from Twinkle Studio.



With 7 children people are always asking me what toys I recommend. Wooden block are probably #1 on my list. We have a large antique crate in our kitchen/family room that is full of wood blocks. #2 is a train set and figures from playmobile 123. We got one when my now 15 year old was 1. Every year I add to the collection. They are so well made and fun for little ones to play with.

love...lesley evers

I am in love with this line by Lesley Evers. Every thing looks so easy to wear and sure to garner compliments. I have a feeling that if she lived in Nashville we would not only be friends but also spend hours together rummaging through vintage shops.

etsy children's find...pretty little

I am so sad that my girl's are to big for these beautiful boiled wool slippers from pretty little. I love them.