my favorite photographer

These photos were taken by my 16 year old son today.  I am a huge fan.

what can you get for $7

Every Saturday night I go on a date with my husband.  It usually includes a little antique or thrift store shopping.  This Saturday I found this treasure at the Downtown Antique Mall for $7.  


motorcycle mama

I am loving the fall weather that we got a hint of today.  It has me rummaging around my attic for treasures.  I will be dusting off my Ralph Lauren motor cycle jacket that I got when I worked there.  Yikes, are clothes that I bought as an adult now in the "vintage" category.  I am feeling old.  I think that it will look cute with my Pears + Bears swiss dot ruffle blouse.  Above are two jackets that I love from Neiman Marcus.  They had some black ones but I never never wear black.


purely addictive

Like many I am in love with Pure Barre,a workout the fuses elements of ballet, pilates and weights. No matter how tired I am when I walk into one of the classes I always leave feeling great and with energy to spare.  I love how it works every muscle in my body.  I love that I don't feel like anyone is watching the fact that i still can't get my knee off the rug.  I love that some of the girls bounce in in there expensive work out gear and I drag myself in in my navy target pants and old navy t shirt.  I love that some are younger than me and some are older.

warning:  It is hard to move the day after your first class.  It is addictive.  It is expensive (after you do the $100 for one month unlimited).


magpie lovely

Holly is a good friend and a former pears + bears girl.  She has been searching high and low for fabulous finds for her new site Magpie Lovely.  Above are some of my favorites but she has loads more.


Big Sale

For one week only we will be offering an extra 25% off our already reduced spring line.  Please feel free to pass this code on to your friends and family!  (Don't forget to order your favorite outfit first!)  www.pearsandbears.com