I have spotted some daffodils along the road. We have some in our yard but they are in the shade and always seem to be the latest bloomers in Nashville. To me this means that spring is here!


lulu and nat

I am loving all of these goodies from lulu and nat. I found this cute UK site via the blog Olivet.


a winner, credit and 500

The winner of the beautiful necklace is.....
Blogger AmyB said...

Blue sky with silver is my favorite! However, I LOVE all of them. I will be passing this site along for some upcoming birthday ideas. Thanks for sharing.

The last post of Olivia in sequins was photographed and written by my husband. (I had used his computer to blog so he thought he was putting it on his blog but he put it on mine.)

I just realized that this is my 502 post! Excuse the little pat on the back but I am feeling a bit proud of myself tonight.


Olivia in sequins

Today, Olivia decided to find this sequined top of Sophies and put it on. We were going to do a photo shoot later in the day and i was testing locations and settings and snapped off a few pictures of her at the front door. Here she is in all of her sequined glory.



If you have been thinking about any of my clothes today is the day! Lots of great deals. Feel free to share this on your blog.

spring shoes

I am loving these shoes from pay less! At less than $25 how can I say no? Are you getting excited for spring?


Julie Lorusso Jewelry

Julie has a wonderful blog called Monkey Grass Hill but it is her vintage jewelry that takes my breath away.
Here are some of my favorites.

Julie has nicely offered to give this red beauty to one of my readers. The vintage broach can be removed so it is like getting 3 pieces of jewelry!

Just visit her website and leave me a comment telling me your favorite. (If you put this on your blog leave another comment and the link for an extra chance.)

You have 5 days to comment and I will announce the winner on Monday!



I had so much fun making the valentine garland for the store that I decided to make them for the kids rooms too. These are actually orange for my son's room that is navy and orange.

and for Sophie's room that is yellow and turquoise...

the kitchen isn't pink but it got pink anyway.

for my 3 little girls who share a room... (the framed hearts on the wall were done by their big brother when he was 4...he is now 17)

these went in Charlotte's room...

How cute is the "I love you" that she did? I hope that that is for me and not some 15 year old boy.
and how about this fabulous pin that Olivia made for me?
The creative juices are flowing over here. It might have something to do with all of the snow days!
How about you ....are you ready for Valentine's Day?


steel cut oatmeal

Today was a snow day. We slept in and had the time to make steel cut oats. One of my favorite breakfasts.

Here is my recipe.
3T butter
3 cups steel cut oats
2 cups milk
lots of maple syrup

Melt the butter over high heat and "toast" the oats for a couple minutes. Then add 9 cups of water. When it comes to a boil turn it down and simmer for 25 min. Then add the milk and simmer for another 15min stirring ever 5 min or so. Top with maple syrup. (As you can see I think everything tastes better with a little butter.)


art love

This little painting by Carol Marine makes me happy. Not that I have anything against flowers or chocolate but wouldn't giving your sweet heart art every February be a sweet tradition?

valentine's day

I didn't get around to buying any valentine goodies for the store.
But if I had....they would surely include these lovely goodies from Rifle Paper.
I think that they would be lovely framed in a nursery.
Are you getting ready?


a great weekend

My oldest daughter went to her winter formal on Saturday. It was so fun to do make up and hair with out wrinkles and grey!
I am in awe of her quiet confidence. I am so enjoying watching my children grow up.


spring 2011 line

After working on this line for about a year I am so excited that it is finally here. As I sit on the couch with a sick one that is home from school I am trying to decide which pieces I will grab for me and my kiddos. After all, spring break will be here before I know it!


valentine garland DIY

I love working on projects for the store window in Chattanooga. For Valentines Day I decided to make 3 long garlands out of pages of an old book. I painted hearts out of left over ceilling paint from our office.
I used the first one as a template, copying the evenly spaced holes with a pencil.

The I used my Martha Stewart mini hole punch to cut out holes 1/2" apart.

Then I strung them together with cotton twine from Goodwill.

I strung one on the mantle in our office to show you and now they are on the way to the store.

I am really happy with how it turned out if I do say so myself.