Nashville Fashion Alliance

When I started Kayce Hughes, to find a seamstress, I had to put an ad in the newspaper. Luckily the ladies I found I am still working with today, but I keep thinking how nice it would have been to have had the NFA back in those days.

I'm thrilled with everything that is going on in Nashville right now. There is a larger community of designers, craftsman, and entrepreneurs than ever before and I believe this collective knowledge is key. Investing in the Nashville fashion industry which now includes more than 150 brands means that instead of each person figuring out every detail by themselves, they will be supported by seasoned designers, small local factories, and mentors. More than anything, I'm excited to create meaningful jobs for the people of Tennessee. That alone is a worthwhile endeavor.

“Great creative communities don't just happen. Running a start up or an established business is more than a full time commitment. It often takes an organization whose sole purpose is to support that community to see an entire industry thrive.

Over the last few years, Nashville's Fashion scene has absolutely exploded with talent. We are now home to over 150 growing fashion brands. This community also includes stylists, models, photographers, manufacturers, tech companies, textile companies, and many others that work in the fashion industry. 

Our mission is to provide these creative companies with infrastructure, resources and support while at the same time creating needed jobs in our community.” -NFA Kickstarter

I'm happy to announce that the NFA Kickstarter has already raised over $30,000 but we have a ways to go and only 23 more days to make it happen! To read more and to help us reach our funding goal, click here.