children's chairs

I am loving these images of children's chairs from the collection of Patrick Parrish of MONDO CANE via Partners & Spade.


Southern Living

We are so excited to have some of our goodies in .....

I love hearing how many of my northern friends read it!


Does it look like it is almost done? Here I am clutching carpet samples in our new space.We are about 2 weeks away from moving in and we are looking for some fabulous people to run and work in the store.  So if you live in Atlanta or know someone who does will you help me spread the word?  Any one who is interested can email me at kayce@kaycehughes.com.

The walls should be pale pink soon with some high gloss white trim and wood floors.  I am off to find some fabric for the dressing rooms....


blue marbleized paper

I am a couple weeks from opening a new store in Atlanta. This project has been so long and halted so many times that I have sort of stopped working on it.  But now I need to get moving!  The colors are going to be mostly blue and pink and I wish that I could find some paper like this that I saw on IIIInspired blog.

I hope that you are all having a sunny Sunday!


best jeans ever

When the weather is cold I love wearing jeans and a great shirt. This has been my favorite pair of jeans for about a year.  I love them so much that I am stocking the stores with them for Spring too.  They come up high which I love and they have a vintage 70's vibe.

I only wish that they came in white.


fun shoes

I have not seen these shoes in real life but they are all less than $33 and all have me tempted.

Has anyone seen these at Forever 21?  Are they as great in real life?  I hope that every ones weekend is off to a great start.


Valentine's Lunch

My friend Gen had a little Valentine's Lunch.  It was such a treat on this cold and cloudy day.  She always sets a fun table and I especially loved these vintage paper napkins.

Melodie made these beautiful watercolor notes for each of us along with heart ramekins and petit fours from a bakery.

I am so thankful for wonderful female friendships.


vintage straw bags

I was delighted to be asked to do a guest post for Market Square Musings the other day. You can find out my beloved vintage straw bags by clicking here.

I hope that your monday is off to a great start!


spring line

I am so excited to finally launch our Spring line!  I really think that this might be my favorite line so far.
I would love to know what you think.....any favorites?



I am crazy about these cuffs.  I love the combination of the beautiful exotic leathers with the modern buckle.

I think that they have a touch of edginess to them....at least this is about as edgy as I get.

I hope that your week is off to a good start!