Happy New Years's Eve!

We are spending this New Year's Eve with our little angels so I thought this card was appropriate.  (The other 5 kids must be busy cooking.)

I hope that you all enjoy a wonderful evening!

union jack

I am craving a little union jack.  I am loving these from Henry Road.


Last year my husband had hinted that he had bought me the J Crew Owen bag that I loved.  When Christmas came and went with no bag under the tree he let me know that he was "joking".  Seeing my disappointment he furiously tried to find one anywhere on line.  Weeks past and there was no Owen bag to be found.  Yesterday he got an email from JCrewAficionada saying she remembered his email from LAST YEAR and she just spotted a new one with tags on eBay.  My sweet husband bought it on the spot and surprised me at dinner.  A huge thanks to Alexis at JCA and my wonderful husband.  I don't think that any IT bag has ever made a girl happier.


A great day...

My daughter asked me why we always do spring cleaning in the winter.  Today was the day to deep clean our kitchen/family room.  I love a check list.

carpet cleaning machine rented
carpet cleaned
kitchen drawers emptied, vacuumed, cleaned and contents weeded through and put back in Martha style
butcher block rubbed with tung oil
slipcovers washed


etsy love..

I really do love just about anything made with wool felt.  It doesn't get any more wonderful that these.  They are by Reya Veltman, I found them via Design Sponge.

affordable art

I know that I have said it before but nothing makes a house a home like original art.  Above are two that I love by Harry Stooshinoff.  The good news is that they can be yours for less that $50.  I have bought paintings both large and small from Harry in the past and I love them.  

the family room

Being home reminds me home much I hate the furniture in our kitchen/ family room.  It is not just the fact that our puppy has eaten all of the arms.  They also all have loose backs that no longer seem capable of being fluffed back to their full height.  I am dreaming of these chairs from WS Home slip covered in red ikat.  Anyone have any less expensive ideas?  I will be scouting out the consignment shops this week.

Merry Christmas to me...

I must have been a good girl this year because this beautiful drawing by Martin Pate was under our tree.  I love it.  Our office is closed until after the New Year.  Being home puts me in the mood to organize and move things around.  



I am particularly fond of this recent look of James'.  There is something wonderful about the combination of grey flannel, silver and cream.  

a merry treat

Holly from Magpie Lovely surprised all of us at the office with these fabulous candles from her beautiful store.  I got Del Mar and I can't imagine anything smelling more wonderful.    I never buy candles for my self so I really feel pampered and special when I get one as a gift.  

One of my new year's goals is to put all of my friend's birthdays on my computer so that I don't miss an opportunity to let them know how special they are.  Keep a supply of these candles so you are never empty handed.


channel 2 news

I am sitting with my kid's giggling at my first appearance on TV.  


warehouse sale

I am gearing up for our Nashville Warehouse sale.  It is always a treat to make new friends and see people excited about a great deal.


photography 101

My husband and I love photography.  Because of nature or nurture or both all of our kids do too.  Our oldest just started his first photography class at school and these are the shots he took today.  Well these are my 4 favorites.  Well done Reagan.  I hope that your first day of snowboarding is as successful.


Merry Christmas to me...

I love pastel drawings.  These beautiful ones are by Nancy Poucher and are only $150 for an 8 x 8.  I love the feel of a home filled with original art.  Weather it is a drawing by my 4 year old or by a talented artist like Nancy art is what I like for Christmas.  And perhaps if my walls are full of art no one will notice that Lilly has chewed all of my chairs.


puppy love

Our two white labs need something in their stockings this year.  Not that Lilly has been very good (she has taken to eating the arms of my chairs).  I can't think of anything as cute as these collars from Mascot.  Perhaps if I get her one of these she will start spending her days looking in the mirror.



I just got a delightful catalogue in the mail called Pedlars.  It is the next best think to jumping on a plane to the UK.  (And I love that the owners have 6 kids)


it's begining

to look a lot like Christmas.  I seem to be knee deep in work and Nut Cracker practice lately.  But my heart is longing to do some fun project like Melodie's.  



I am trying to focus on the enjoying and making this Christmas.  However these trees from Pottery Barn have me wanting to buy.  Will I resist?  Will they go on sale?  We shall see.


I am loving this hanging basket from design sponge.  I find anything made with birch bark hard to resist.


She's done it again! Gen of Favorite, has designed an amazing fall collection of must have skirts and tees! If you are in Nashville, stop by the party tonight or tomorrow and pick up a few things. Your closet will thank you! To view all the event details click here. If you miss the party you can still shop Favorite on etsy!
Thanks to Melodie at Pink Cupcake Vintage...I swiped her blog so I wouldn't have to think.


new love....

I am not a soda drinker except for an occasional coke (never diet).  This is like a grow up version of soda.  It is so yummy yet not too sweet.   I am in love.  It also comes in glass bottles...which of course taste even better.


a great deal

For a limited time use the code "onlyten" and you can purchase all of our sale shirts for $10.  This doesn't apply to full priced shirts.  Stock up for holiday gifts.  The new price will be seen when you check out.   www.pearsandbears.com


CK Bradley

I had the pleasure of meeting Camilla Bradley about a year ago.  She is as beautiful and lively as she looks in her photos.  I love her line CK Bradley it has that vintage and modern combo that I love.


a sweet sunday

One of my daughters loves ballet.  She is a student at Nashville Ballet and dances 5 days a week.  I purchased season tickets for the two of us.  Today's performance of Giselle by the Nashville Ballet was a beautiful treat.  Grab a friend, or daughter, or mother, and get tickets to the next ballet.  It is a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


vintage love

I love vintage clothing but I am guilty of making purchases and then never wearing them.  This September my sister got married in Sea Island GA.  As always, I waited until the last minute to figure out what to wear.  I couldn't find anything in stores and had to find something in my closet.  I decided on this vintage dress that I had purchased at a garage sale years ago.  At under $10 this navy and orange dress was perfect for the event.  This fall I am determined to alter all of the great vintage things that I have hiding in my closet.

wisteria love

I always love getting the Wisteria catalogue.  The new one is no different.  Here are some of my favorite offerings.