We have some beautiful clothes that we are selling for next to nothing. Please help me spread the word. We are moving our warehouse (again) and I would love have a little less to move.

I hope that you are all having a good Tuesday.



date night

Even though the temperatures are not very fallish I had to break out my new Gigi dress. This is a great dress for any time of year. My vintage bag is great year round and I wore my cuff from All strung out designs that I usually put away in the summer. In a month I will trade the wedges for a pair of brown boots.


number 35

Do you have a favorite football player? I do. He is #37 and he plays for my favorite team.

To be honest he plays for the only team that I ever watch.

I still don't really understand the game.

But he doesn't seem to care.

Cheers to #35 for a great game this morning. XOMOM


just finished

I just finished this book and I loved it. Perhaps that is because I enjoy people that are not "normal". I never rode a short bus but I have self diagnosed myself as dyslexic.

My bedside table is empty...any suggestions?


home goodies

I forgot to mention that I got to do a guest post for Jora over at Domestic Reflections. Here is one of the goodies I shared from my new favorite catalogue.



I am on the hunt for some felt flower hair clips for the new store. I had seen some months ago (probably even blogged about them) but now I can't remember where. I did find these delightful goodies on my search. They are from green mountain wee woolies.

If anyone knows where my flower clips are will you please let me know?


The best part of waking up

I have to enjoy my breakfast. No rushing and no cereal. I love a bowl in the evening but in the morning I love tea or coffee with a yummy carb.

Mondays are pancake day, whole wheat pancakes and English breakfast tea. We grind our own wheat but this should work with store bought.
3 c flour
1T baking soda
2 1/2 T baking powder
1/3 oil
8 eggs
buttermilk till it looks right

What do you eat for breakfast?


date night

By now you have probably figured out my summer dressing pattern. Fun wedges with an easy dress and some big jewelry. Are you ready for fall? I am trying to wear some of my bright summery outfits before it's too late.


the news

For those of you who didn't call or email I am partnering with Snap Kids to open up a Kayce Hughes store in Chattanooga asap. I am so excited that I am up blogging past 1:00 am....or perhaps it was the coffee ice cream.

The store will be filled with both my women's and children's lines but I want to add a few other treasures as well. I love vintage children's books so the following 3 are a must.

What children's books am I missing? I would your help. Lots to do and not a lot of time.


Someone in our house turned 13 yesterday.

That makes 3 teenagers.


exciting news

I have some exciting news .......and no I am not pregnant. Here is a hint. Can you guess?


Are you game?

We love playing games and backgammon is one of our favorites. Here is a pic from this morning of Olivia vs Daddy.

What are some of your family's favorite games?


Our fall is here

Our fall line is finally organized in the warehouse and shipping. I am really excited about this line and want the cool weather to come soon so that I can wear some of it.

I would love some HONEST feed back from my blog friends. What do you like? What don't we have that you think we should? What do you wish we would cancel?

Is everyone ready for fall?



I love to make whole wheat bread. This is what the wheat berries look like before I grind them into flour.

As soon as they hear the noisy grinder the helpers flock to the kitchen.

A few hours later I take 5 of these out of the oven. Covered with butter and a little jam it is one of my favorite things to eat.


Date night

Given the heat and the 20 minutes I had to get ready here I am running out the door with wet hair. (Growing up this used to drive my mother nuts) I love the color yellow in small doses. Last night my old J Crew shoes had a bit of yellow as did my old banana republic enamel bracelet. The dress is one of my favorites it is the Kayce dress from a few years ago.

I hope that you got to spend some sweet time with someone special this week.



images by christian montone
Can someone please remind me next year that no amount of money saved is worth the hassle of trying to buy my children's school supply lists.
PS: If anyone knows where to find crayola crayons in 48 count will you please let me know.


take note

I know that most of you in the blogger world have had the pleasure of knowing the talented Patricia behind PVE. I have enjoyed her sage wisdom and her beautiful artwork. You can tell that she is the kind of person that writes sweet notes. One of my resolutions every year is to write more sweet notes and this year I know how to do it. I am going to get some of these beautiful note cards from PVE. They will remind me to write that note. These are my three favorite..what are yours?


thank you

What is better than a friend who is a fabulous blogger?

One who also lets you pick up their child and photograph him all morning.

I could no longer get away with dressing my girls like little boys. (Yes I did that for years).

Isn't he the cutest!

It helps that I get to work with a very talented group of stylists!


date night

Are you getting tired of my white jeans and TJ Max wedges? Last night I paired them with a Kayce Hughes tunic top from last fall and some fun jewelry. Don't you love the vintage bag? It was a Christmas present from Caroline and Betsy (the wonderful duo I get to work with every day).


Happy Birthday Betsy

The best part about my job is the wonderful people that I get to work with every day. Betsy has been here for two years and I don't know how we ever managed with out her. She does it all and always with a smile. Today we got to celebrate her birthday with a yummy breakfast. It included scones from Provence which is what I would like to eat every morning. If you live in Nashville be sure to treat yourself....they are worth every calorie.

recipe from last night...

Here is the link for the recipe I cooked last night it is from Publix. This is the first one we have tried, I wonder if any of the others are this good. The salad would be yummy on its own for lunch.


a nice quiet dinner

Tonight we all enjoyed coriander crusted salmon with chickpea artichoke salad.. This is only the third time we have made it but I think that it will be a favorite for a long time.

See how nice and peaceful dinner is.

I didn't say it lasted forever!

Are we the only family that has spray bottle fights?