vintage knobs

The Atlanta store is open but I still have a lot of details to finish. I decided to use vintage knobs as hooks for the dressing rooms and had fun perusing Etsy for fabulous knobs.  These are some that I loved but didn't end up getting....
1. beautiful colors on plywood
2. shinny red
3. vintage bunnies

If anyone has any tips on turning knobs into hook....please share.


blue and white

I am obsessed with all things blue and white lately. Perhaps it is the new store that is mostly blue and white and pink. Perhaps it is the hope that Spring and blue skies are coming soon. What ever the reason I can't seem to get enough.

I found theses goodies on sale at our West Elm.  I got the cups to hold our shiny red pencils at the store and the bowls for candy.

This fun Mara Mi paper table cloth is available at Target stores but not on line.  My friend Gen had the paper napkins at her house and she nicely parted with one that is going on my inspiration board.  I am tempted to run out and find this table cloth...just can't figure out what to make with it.
And of course Oscar de la Renta has some fabulous blue and white in his new home collection...

I know that pantone is loving green this year but at the moment I am feeling blue. I hope that your week is off to a great start!


Emily Jones

It was such a treat to be reading one of my favorite blogs and find out that our PJ's were included in her fun round up.

To see more menswear inspired pajamas and a great blog click HERE.

I hope that your Monday is off to a great start.



pretty in pink

I don't know that I have ever been so excited for Spring to be here. It seems like the sunshine has been hiding lately.
In spite of the rain we had a wonderful "Grand Opening" party in our Nashville store today.  (I will try to share some pictures tomorrow.)  I am planning on getting to bed early and dreaming of pink paper butterflies and sunshine.


bamboo light fixture

Spotting this gem on Etsy made me wish that I hadn't already picked out my dressing room lights.