75% off sale

Our %75 off sale is here!
 I think that this is the perfect shirt for Valentines Day for $11.50.
This is a timeless dress with small flowers printed on corduroy.
This is the dress that I want in my size.
If you haven't tried our women's line now is the time.  These dresses are $35.50 and the skirt is $22.50.

Please feel free to spread the word on this sale.  We are trying to clear it out because Spring will be here next week!

tag sale

My friend Gen is having a tag sale!

P.S. Don't you love their family photo taken by Leslee Mitchell?

I hope to see you there!



I am crazy about these prints from Umbrella Prints.

I wonder if they will add pink?


Thrifting by Charlotte Hughes

This Sunday I went thrifting with my mom.  We tackled two of our favorite stores: Thriftsmart and Music City Thrift.  We ended up with some fabulous pieces.  Our haul included two hats, four bags, five necklaces, four chairs, one belt, one pair of boots, one tray, and one sweater.  Olivia was sick and I had the day off from school, so we partnered up and had a fun photo shoot.  She obviously inherited the same modeling genes that Sophie did.  Look at that smile!

This bag is making me long for summer

I couldnt decide between two straw hats, so I just bought both
They were only $1.00 each, I couldn't resist
Our family motto is that you can never own too many sweaters, especially when they are only $2.50

Every time I visit a thrift store, I make sure to check the shoe section.  Sometimes it's inhabited by creatures other than Crocs


Diana Vreeland

This weekend I saw The Eye has to Travel about Vogue editor Diana Vreeland.  It was inspiring and entertaining.  I loved seeing it on the big screen but I look forward to watching it again so that I can pause and linger over some of the fabulous photo spreads.


vintage jewelry

This is the 3rd day this week that felt like a Friday! But tomorrow it is really here.  Saturday night is the perfect time for the beautiful jewelry created by Lizzy Couture.  It feels old and new at the same time.
I love wearing three of these cuffs on the same wrist.

P.S. Valentines day will be here before we know it.


sondra n. arkin

I just came across the art of Sondra N. Arkin and I am a big fan.

I would love to hear what is inspiring you lately.


sketch of Sophie

On Saturday I grabbed Sophie's sketch book to show her how to sketch in a loose format.  It has been a long time since I have sketched something other than clothing and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.
I am thinking that I might need to buy my own sketch book.


Style Blueprint

It was such a treat to be featured in Style Blueprint yesterday!  (Click over to read the interview and see more pictures.)

If you don't already read Style Blueprint I would encourage you to check it out, especially if you live in Nashville, Atlanta, Birmingham, Louisville and Memphis.


glitter shirt

When it comes to buying clothing I like to get a few key pieces that I wear lots of different ways.  These old navy shirts are the exception.  They are too fun to resist at less than $8!  I am picturing them with white jeans and a blazer this summer.


Karin Eaton

I love living in Nashville. It is big enough to discover new people and things daily but small enough to make connections.  Our friends at Style Blueprint asked Scott to photograph the home of Karin Eaton.  Karin designs beautiful iron lighting and more for her company Ironwear.  It turns out that their beautiful home was one that we looked at buying in 1994 as well.

These are some of my favorite shots but there are lots more at Style Blueprint.

These are two of my favorite's from Karin's creations but you can see loads more on her website Ironware International.


All of our Fall/Winter clothing is 50% off!  So many of our styles and fabrics are year round so if you have had your eye on anything now is the time to grab it!


brown paper

Perhaps it is the Christmas cards that I never sent out or all of the wrapping paper but this time of year I always seem drawn to beautiful paper.

I am loving the offerings at brown paper.


colorful wicker

I am loving all of the colorful wicker from the family love tree!  Sometimes it seems like all of the good stuff is in Australia.

We are easing back to a schedule this week.